About Us

We are a passionate crazy lot, totally in love with what we do. We love to innovate, create and find new ways of connecting with our Target Audience.

Keeping this basic ethos in mind we embarked on a journey and set up Brand Image Solutions. Our vision was to provide better something original and, as a consequence, new, that "breaks into" the market and help our clients deliver on their business objectives. We dreamt with them and did it.

We kept moving ahead and have never looked back. Our clients have been our riding force.
We are now all to set launch our very own "StrawberriFox" – A Modeling Agency.
With our expertise and a team of professionals at "StrawberriFox" we deliver what you need. StrawberriFox is now established as an international standard Modeling Agency with its roots in the soil. We are a bunch of like- minded people who who are curious, creative with global aesthetic.
Reach us and we will be happy to engage.

Rajan Kapoor