About us

Strawberrifox Models is a globally recognized leader in talent search and model management, with a diversified client list.

Founder of Brand Image solution Rajan kapoor established Strawberrifox as a new division of the hugely successful pursuit in talent discovery and model management.
He believes that models, like professional athletes, actors, and other performers, could be handled as talent and that their popularity could be leveraged into powerful personal brands beyond the magazine page or runway.
Rajan kapoor’s conviction resulted in the greatest standard of quality in the industry.
Strawberrifox Models priorities careers before bookings, a point of differentiation that has fulled the agency’s unstoppable expansion.

Strawberrifox Models continues to disrupt the existing quo with its clients and expand prospects for all of its talent in the industry.

The greatest strength of Strawberrifox Models is its dedication to the people it represents.
The agency’s management team’s steadiness and depth of experience—the core of which has worked together since 2014 to mould the careers of newbies and superstars — allows it to stand out in the Industry where volatility is the standard.

Whether fostering newly discovered talent or renewing the professional careers of established models, the agency’s ability to manage and maximise a model’s career at every stage has been demonstrated numerous times.

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