Unfortunately, no. If they’re going to become a model, they will have to participate eventually. If you think they have what it takes to get noticed, we suggest you keep encouraging or trying to convince them to apply. Offer to be their photographer!

That’s just fine by us – in fact, that’s better. We’re not looking for professional photos. What we really want to see is fresh, natural snapshots of you that any friend or family member can easily take on their smart phone.

Absolutely not! Models may wear makeup in pictures, but even models don’t wear makeup on their day off. We want to see your natural look – clean, beautiful, and makeup-free.

Absolutely! With five international offices, our goal will always be to find the undiscovered talent from all around the globe. Take a look at our roster and you’ll see our models truly do live and come from every corner of the world. Our online application process allows us to see the next great IMG talent no matter where you are.

The world today has gone digital and so have we, which means this really is the best way for us to see and evaluate every single person who might be interested in applying. So no, we don’t have open calls.

Hey, everyone starts somewhere! Beginners and fresh faces are exactly what we’re looking for. In this business, being new can be an invaluable advantage, so don’t be afraid to throw your hat in the ring.

Never at IMG – and there should never be any cost to you to apply anywhere.

We recognize your obligations to your studies and we always say modeling is a hobby until you finish high school. We take care to tailor schedules for all of our young talent around school vacations and summer holidays.

Unfortunately, due to high demand we aren’t able to reach out to everyone. However, if we feel you’re right for us we will surely be in touch. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear back from us. Remember, you might not be the right age or height, or it just might not be the right time. Believe us, things change quickly in this business so feel free to apply again in the future.